Ancho Chicken Tortilla Soup

7 Globally-Inspired Dishes Using Rotisserie Chicken

Roast chicken – that ubiquitous mainstay of nightly meals. My issue with ubiquity, however, is that it can easily become uninspired, and that prosaic little pullet known as poultry is no exception. Yet, one of the best things in the poultry world is that one can simply stroll into their grocer, buy a steaming carton of juicy rotisserie chicken, and bring it home for dinner. In addition…

Vegetable Lasagne with Poblano Cream Sauce

Vegetable Lasagne with Poblano Cream Sauce

What are your favorite ways to prepare those fresh — and quick to spoil — summer veggies? Honestly, I’m always searching for new ways to serve that savory summer bounty. Now I realize that lasagne isn’t frequently regarded as a summertime option, but think of it more as a summer ratatouille with noodles, okay? It literally explodes…

Top with vanilla ice cream and serve

The Deconstructed Peach Pie Parfait

August is ‘National Peach Month’, and today is specifically ‘National Peach Pie Day’. Here’s an easy, damn-delicious tribute to the beautiful, plump, juicy fruit that has graced so many dishes with its sweet, luscious and earthy, down-home goodness!

Grilled Peaches with Lavender-Honey Goat Cheese

On a recent Saturday morning visit to The Little Italy Farmers Market, I sampled a variety of farm fresh goat cheeses from vendor Nicolau Farms, who happened to be perched right next to a vibrant display of virtually every type of peach, nectarine and stone fruit that one could possibly conjure. And just as I sampled a heavenly concoction of goat…