About Me

Your Blogger, JanAs a lover of travel to destinations worldwide and a lover of words and stories, I’ve chosen to combine these two passions by creating a blog to journal my own adventures. I hope most of all, however, that the people, places and things I choose to write about on TravelRAVE will offer readers and followers some valuable information concerning choices you make regarding your own travel destinations. My view of the world has changed and evolved tremendously as I’ve toured. There is something about the discovery of varied people, cultures and history found in destinations near and far that has opened my heart and mind in a powerful way. I hope your passion for travel affords you opportunities to visit the places that inspire you. I hope you also experience that organic beauty in the people, architecture and heritage that compiles this exotic and imaginative world. Travel brings us all closer together in heart and soul and the world becomes so much smaller. Wishing you safe and amazing travels! “All who wander are not lost.”

As a writer and editor, I’m always excited to help others attain their goals when creating engaging articles, web content, letters and more. Please feel free to contact me via an email a message using Contact Forms I attach to my articles and posts on TravelRAVE.

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Jan, so happy so see you starting on your dream adventure!!!! I look forward to more posts about exotic places to dine. Happy blogging!!! (You know, you really should have one covering the hometown feast of a family reunion in Iowa! 🙂 )


  2. Jan, what an amazing journalist you are! So glad you are enjoying traveling, exploring, & sharing your experiences so eloquently. I’m traveling with you in my mind…

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  3. Janners, I just gotta say…you continue to amaze me! You are so resilient, continually re-inventing yourself.
    You are truely amazing! I believe there is nothing you can’t do when you put your creative mind, generous heart and loving spirit to work. YOU are a wonderful friend, mentor, and confidente! I will cont. to support your endeavors in whatever you do. Carry on my friend…buddy!
    p.s. love the saying…”All who wander are not lost”..so true. Here’s one I follow as well…”never, never, never
    give up!” 🙂 Love yas! Happy 2015!

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