Passport Stamping – 5 Reasons to Travel in Today’s Capricious World

Piccadilly Circus, London

Piccadilly Circus in London, England’s West End

1. Thanks to enticing currency exchange rates European travel is currently a bargain, especially when compared to the past 10 years. BREXIT anyone?

Malaga, Spain

Marble-paved walking streets of Málaga, Spain’s shopping district

2. Most local residents and businesses are happy to see us! They’re deeply grateful for tourists and tourism income – crucial components in rebuilding economic stability.

Acropolis of Athena

Sans-crowds at the Acropolis of Athena in Lindos on the island of Rhodes, Greece

3. Scores of folks are unsettled or frightened by the global unrest that our American media loves to sensationalize, and have chosen to forego international travel. This translates to smaller crowds and less congestion in many destinations. Ideal travel conditions for sure!

Copenhagen Denmark's Nyhavn Harbor

Colorful and welcoming facades of Copenhagen’s Nyhavn Harbor

4. Travel remains and always will be a glorious lesson in history and culture. No one – and I mean NO ONE – can obtain the real and complete knowledge or a transformative cultural experience from a destination by sitting in a classroom or reading a historical archive.

Normandy, France

American Cemetery near the site of 1944’s D-Day Invasion, Normandy, France

5. Our world has always been capricious. Many of today’s issues have been relived for thousands of years by countless generations – and under far more rebellious, oppressive, and deadly circumstances.

Love the journey!

So summon your adventurous, wanderlust spirit then get out and love the journey – it’s utterly amazing!

2 thoughts on “Passport Stamping – 5 Reasons to Travel in Today’s Capricious World

  1. I admire and enjoy your perspective—and even more so, perhaps, your eloquent way of expressing it in both words and visual images. Thanks for what you do! And happy travels to us all.


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