7 Globally-Inspired Dishes Using Rotisserie Chicken

Roast chicken – that ubiquitous mainstay of nightly meals. My issue with ubiquity, however, is that it can easily become uninspired, and that prosaic little pullet known as poultry is no exception. Yet, one of the best things in the poultry world is that one can simply stroll into their grocer, buy a steaming carton of juicy rotisserie chicken, and bring it home for dinner. In addition to adding millions of $$ annually to grocery store profits, this brilliant food marketing strategy has drastically shortened the time spent preparing nightly meals, and most importantly has given busy families an alternative to the unhealthy, processed junk food churned out by most fast food drive-thrus. I would also suggest that home kitchens see far less of salmonella, a poisonous bacteria often associated with raw chicken. Not to mention that I cannot roast a chicken for less cost than I can buy one!

Rotisserie Chicken

The Roasted Chick With a Global Kick

So then, my mission today is to get you in and out of the market as quickly and painlessly as possible by offering seven delicious globally-inspired meal ideas using rotisserie chicken and a few simple ingredients. Each recipe is incredibly flavorful and easy to prepare. Prep and cooking times vary from 15 minutes to an hour+, with most averaging around 30-40 minutes.

Spring Vegetable Lasagne

Photo courtesy: iamafoodblog

  • Spring Vegetable Lasagna. Other main ingredients: garlic, broccoli, peas, fresh spinach, smoked gouda, milk, mozzarella, and lasagne noodles. (Recipe source: iamafoodblog)
Roast Chicken Salad

Photo courtesy: The New York Times

  • Roast Chicken Salad. Other main ingredients: fresh spinach, scallions, cilantro, lime, and avocados. (Recipe source: The NY Times)

Chicken Enchiladas with Green Chile Sauce

  • Chicken Enchiladas with Green Chile Sauce. Other main ingredients: tortillas, onion, jalapeño, canned green chiles, shredded cheese, green chile enchilada sauce, and sour cream. (Recipe source: TravelRAVE)
Mediterranean Chicken Wraps

Photo courtesy: Mel’s Kitchen Cafe

  • Mediterranean Chicken Wraps. Other main ingredients: feta cheese, Greek yogurt, roasted red peppers, fresh spinach or arugula, lemon, and tortillas. (Recipe source: Mel’s Kitchen Cafe)

Ancho Chicken Tortilla Soup

  • Ancho Chicken Tortilla Soup. Other main ingredients: ancho chiles, onion, corn, jalapeño, chicken stock, crushed tomatoes, lime, and tortillas. (Recipe source: Food Network/Rachael Ray)
Crunchy Thai Chicken Salad

Photo courtesy: Mother Thyme

  • Crunchy Thai Chicken Salad. Other main ingredients: coleslaw mix, scallions, lime, peanuts, peanut butter, coconut milk, rice vinegar, and sweet chili sauce. (Recipe source: Mother Thyme)
Chicken Fried Quinoa

Photo Courtesy: Emily Bites

  • Chicken Fried Quinoa. Other main ingredients: onion, scallions, carrots, bean sprouts, soy sauce, and quinoa. (Recipe source: Emily Bites)

So go ahead – let the grocer roast your rooster, then bring a taste of Thailand … Italy … Mexico … or the Mediterranean … to your dinner table.

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