Re-Thinking the “Get Well Soon” Bouquet


What girl in her right mind doesn’t love to be the recipient of a magnificent bouquet of flowers? Vivid, fragrant blooms in hues of pink, red, yellow, and orange always translate to “you’re special to me”.


Yet, when a loved one has undergone surgery, or is recuperating from illness, they’re often deluged with floral arrangements. Stunning and fragrant those posies are upon delivery, yet a mere week later their beauty has withered on the vine.

So, when a friend recently underwent major surgery, I decided to forego wiring yet another bouquet of blooms, and opted instead for a more unconventional “Get Well Soon” delivery. Like myself, my friend is an avid reader, so I’m rather confident she would enjoy a literary escape while enduring the lengthy recovery process.

Here’s the Cost Analysis …


When wiring fees and taxes are added to the cost of a fresh flower arrangement, I typically spend around $100.00 The bouquet has about a seven-day lifespan, then be will deposited into the compost or trash bin. (Suffice it to say, that “Benjamin” didn’t last long.)

My friend enjoys historical fiction, so I logged onto my Prime account at, and purchased:

 Dead Wake-the Last Crossing of the Lusitania, by Erik Larson: $14.67

and Neverhome, by Laird Hunt: $19.26

I added a tin of Harney & Sons Peppermint Herbal Tea: $10.79

and a tin of Harvey & Sons Classic Chamomile Tea, both from Amazon: $8.20

I finished my Amazon order with a duo of Sun’s Tea glass teacups: $15.99

I scurried down to my local Homegoods store, and scored a lovely white woven basket: $10.08

Gift purchased from

Packaging and USPS Priority shipping fees: $13.95

The total out-of-pocket cost for this customized and long-lasting “Get Well Soon” gift was $92.94, virtually the same amount I would have spent on an FTD floral delivery.

For just a tiny bit of added effort (emphasis on tiny), I provided my recuperating friend with a thoughtful and personalized “you’re special to me” gift which she will undoubtedly enjoy far longer than an FTD delivery. (Insert VERY happy face here!)

2 thoughts on “Re-Thinking the “Get Well Soon” Bouquet

  1. Is this about my momma?? Maybe, maybe not! As I know that anytime anyone in your life is struggling, you are there – if not in presence in thought. You are one of the most generous and genuine people I know! And your readers can learn good lessons in thought, word and deed from your good advice here. Love you and your blog continues to inspire and uplift me!!


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