Farmers Bottega Epitomizes Farm-To-Table Fresh

Cha-ching! Mission Hills (one of my favorite “hang outs”) has scored yet another stellar victory on the San Diego dining scene! Any local foodie is well aware that the neighborhood of Goldfinch and W. Washington is no stranger to star eateries. Local restaurateur/chef Alberto Moreale added another star to this list when he recently debuted Farmers Bottega, a farm-to-table style eatery boasting a menu that righteously celebrates the wildly popular concept of sourcing and using the freshest, most flavorful sustainably produced ingredients available.

Farmers Bottega. San Diego

Entering Farmers Bottega is akin to entering a cozy, intimate farmhouse with bistro-style tables, an aged-brick façade, wood produce boxes stacked vertically, creating a feature wall, Edison-style bulbs hanging from reclaimed wood beams and wildflowers filling vases on tables. The only thing missing here is my Scandinavian grandmother appearing from the kitchen with a heaping platter of her outrageously mouth-watering roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy …

Beef Short Rib Benedict

Just look at this Short Rib Benedict that my partner in crime (aka Cris) ordered and promptly devoured! A duo of poached eggs topped with chipotle hollandaise, resting on a mound of savory, slow-roasted short ribs, resting on house-made focaccia bread. A heaping spoon full of potatoes O’Brien sautéed to perfection with the precise amount of “crisp” on the edges. Now THIS is breakfast, my friends!

Farmers Bottega

I don’t ever remember seeing (or tasting) a more perfectly poached egg — EVER!

Portobella Sandwich

As much as I’d like to love portobella mushrooms, I don’t. They’re typically the first menu item I eliminate at any restaurant. Except Farmers Bottega. Bread crumb crusted portobello mushroom, wild arugula, cilantro, hummus, herbed goat cheese, jack cheese, and balsamic glaze on gluten free multi grain bread. “Ummm — I’ll have that with the house salad, please.” Who would have thought that “healthy” and “gluten-free” could taste so amazing?

Farmers Bottega Dinner Menu

There is, however, one glaring problem on the dinner menu at Farmers Bottega — with a list like this, how in the hell am I ever going to decide what to order? (Solution: return to Farmers Bottega on numerous future occasions.)

Farmers Bottega

This hard-working restaurant mirrors the resolute farmers and ranchers who start each day before dawn and end well after dark. Farmers Bottega is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily, and employs a gracious, accommodating wait staff and seemingly indefatigable culinary cadre who consistently turn out passionately crafted inventive meals brimming with fresh, imaginative flavors.

Farmers Bottega

Farmers Bottega partners with a several purveyors of natural, sustainably raised products, including Catalina Offshore Products, Venissimo Cheese, Assenti’s in Little Italy for fresh pasta, Jamul’s Ranch Del Sol for fresh citrus, The Meatmen for charcuterie products, Jackie’s Jams, and Cafe Motto for coffees and teas. Durham Ranch of Gillette, WY supplies beef/bison, and Mary’s Free Ranch Chickens in the San Joaquin Valley provides poultry.

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