My Favorite Things #6

Thanks to a tip from my dear friend Patti, I discovered Skimbaco Lifestyle, a wonderful lifestyle website that is chock full of unique ideas, products, tips, and inspirations for just about anything a person who chooses to live their life to the fullest could possibly imagine.

Speaking of a life well lived, I love receiving updates about new posts from K at Peeled Wellness, another fantastic website dedicated to healthy living. Her recent article, Health Teacher Eats-Full Disclosure, is dedicated to a week of slim-down eating. K’s list of amazingly delicious … and healthy menus proves that “dieting” in no way means “boring”.

Keepin' Up Kromper image courtesy: Free People

Keepin’ Up Kromper image courtesy: Free People

If you love following the latest fashion trends as much as I do, you’ve got to love Free People! I absolutely CANNOT walk out of that store or leave their website without an eco-friendly Free People shopping bag (or two) slung over my shoulder. Believe me, I’ve tried. No can do, folks. Naturally, I’ve fallen in love with Free People’s Keepin’ Up Kromper.

Impression Heel Boots by Freebird by Steven. Photo courtesy: Free People

Impression Heel Boots by Freebird by Steven. Photo courtesy: Free People

Naturally, a girl needs some new kicks to sport around in her new Keepin’ Up Kromper. A pair of these Impression Heel Boots by Freeboard by Steven should do splendidly, right??!! And, they’re conveniently located at my nearest Free People boutique.

R+Co Hair Products

I am thoroughly convinced that my hair stylist at Fox & Jane Salon here in San Diego is, in fact, a magician. In a mere two hours Lynzee can transform my bedhead mane into smooth, silky, color-perfect locks. During my last visit, she convinced me to try the Rockaway Salt Spray and One Prep Spray from R&Co. I absolutely love both products! (This is rather unusual, since I prefer to pass blame regarding my hairstyling faux pas onto the products I use, as opposed to my own ineptitude.)

This luxurious white leather Michael Kors Jules Drawstring Crossbody Bucket bag is — divine!

Butterfly Mobile

Doesn’t this enchanting Butterfly Mobile that grabbed my attention at Leaping Lotus in Solana Beach’s Cedros Avenue Design District just make you feel … whimsical and happy??

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