My Favorite Things #5

Dreambirds Serveware by Ruan Hoffman at Anthropologie

Dreambirds Serveware by Ruan Hoffman at Anthropologie

Most anyone who loves to cook is as passionate about their serving and tableware collection as they are about their culinary prowess. True that! I’m always searching for unique tabletop items to showcase and serve my fresh-baked goodies. Anthropologie is a treasure trove for uniquely beautiful tableware, home decor, clothing and jewelry. Their Dreambirds line by Ruan Hoffman is … EXTRAORDINARY! If I had an extra $1,000+ lying around, I’d gleefully purchase the entire set. But alas that is not the case, so I’ll be settling on just a few whimsical Dreambirds.

Yida Wide-Leg Pants. (Photo from

Yida Wide-Leg Pants. (Photo from

Wouldn’t these fantastic Yida Wide-leg Pants from Anthropologie beautifully befit the hostess whilst she’s using her new ‘Dreambirds’ tableware for serving dinner guests?

Citrus Salad with Blood Orange-Balsamic Vinaigrette

While at my local farmers market this week, I noticed a basket filled with fresh blood oranges. I’ve had my eye out in search of these beauties since late February when Andrea from Cooking with a Wallflower posted a Citrus Salad with Blood Orange Balsamic Vinaigrette. I promptly purchased a duo, then made a bee-line for home, where I immediately reproduced her delectable Blood Orange salad. Andrea’s spot on – that vinaigrette is to-die-for!

Hot fun in the summertime! The season of pool parties, afternoons at the beach, backyard barbecues, pitchers of sangria, and chillin’ with friends is right around the corner. Can’t you just hear Don Henley belting out The Boys of Summer?

Clubmaster Aluminum Sunglasses from Ray-Ban

Clubmaster Aluminum Sunglasses from Ray-Ban

And these wickedly cool Clubmaster Aluminum Shades from Ray-Ban will be protecting my eyes from the blazing sun ALL summer long!

Wired Fitness Bootcamps, San Diego

It’s no secret that I LOVE to eat. A lot. I therefore MUST exercise. A lot. (That translates to me running up hills in order to keep my weight down.) Being the glutton for abuse that I clearly am, I also allow Bryan from Wired Fitness Bootcamps here in San Diego to kick my arse twice weekly with his grueling workouts. One of the many upsides to Wired Fitness is that the workouts held are outdoors. How cool is that?! The downside is that my workout gear is constantly getting thrashed by dirt, mud, sand, sweat, and grass stains.

Workout apparel from Graced by Grit

Thankfully, I’ve discovered Graced by Grit, a San Diego-based athletic apparel company. Owners Kimberly Caccavo and Kate Nowlan find that grace is revealed when overcoming life’s roughest, grittiest moments. (How true!) They’ve incorporated the grace through grit concept into a brand where attention to detail is paramount. Each “land to sea” piece of workout wear is designed for functionality, safety, fit and fashion. Great concept. Great company. So go, #sweatyourstory with Graced by Grit on Twitter.

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