My Favorite Things #4

Evergreen, CO

This past week I discovered Road Less Travelled, a fantastic travel and lifestyle blog by Ben Farrell. One article in particular, Bathing In Your Undies With Cows, swiftly grabbed my attention. Here’s a little clip: “It was a cool, dark, musty bar full of vintage leather couches that seemed to drink your soul.” I want to write like that, damn it!!! I desperately want to go to Chennai, India and find that hotel bar. Then I’ll find the couch, curl up in its lofty mustiness, and ponder Stephen Hawking and The Theory of Everything while sipping a gin and tonic (apparently a dual-purpose libation that will put me in a lovely haze whilst repelling mosquitoes.) You should really check out Ben’s site. It’s loaded with adventurous, imaginative, thought-provoking articles and photos.

Photo from Jeanette Zeis

Photo from Jeanette Zeis

Farmers markets are filled with fresh produce, and I’m dying to turn those delectables into luscious seasonal meals. One problem: storaging all that fresh bounty can be an issue. I recently came across a lovely hanging ceramic fruit basket at Jeanette Zeis’ shop on Etsy, which will be fabulous AND functional in my kitchen. LOVE! They’re custom made and come in several sizes, styles and colors. (BTW, Jeanette has a variety of beautiful handmade pottery and vessels for cooking and entertaining.)

I’ve needed a kitchen scale for quite some time now, but find that either they’re cumbersome, or I would need an engineering degree to operate them. This Ozeri Digital Multi-functional Scale I found on Amazon consumes minimal space, has an 11 pound weight capacity, converts measurements, and costs less than $15.00. And I won’t need to return to college for an EE degree. DUN!

The Martian by Andy Weir

Have you read The Martian yet? I would love to say I’m a voracious reader, but honestly, I just don’t have the time. My brother Corry and his wife Em are those over-achieving, highly educated types of people raising three beautiful, active young girls while pursuing fantastically challenging careers. Yet, they somehow manage to find copious amounts of time to read. (They’re also younger than me, and that’s precisely where I’m dropping blame.) Thankfully, C & E are always thrilled to pass along reco’s of their favorite reads. I never dreamt I’d download a Sci-Fi thriller about an astronaut, Mark Watney, who was left on Mars. But this novel by Andy Weir is a suspenseful, compelling, and often times laugh-out-loud page turner I can barely put down. News flash: Director Ridley Scott has made The Martian into a movie starring Matt Damon (perfect casting, BTW) which is scheduled to be released this November. YIPPEE!!

Speaking of books, I’ve accumulated a delightful collection of cookbooks through the years. Each is brimming with tantalizing recipes and enticing photos. This week I discovered Manger, a fantastic cooking blog by Mimi Thorisson, who lives with her family in Médoc, France. Her website is beautifully authored and filled with heart-warming photos, stories, and fantastic recipes. Naturally, I ordered Mimi’s cookbook, A Kitchen in France-A Year of Cooking in my Farmhouse. I anticipate that leafing through it will conjure dreams of a wonderful escape to Mimi’s warm, inviting kitchen tucked in the rolling vineyards of the French Countryside. Bon voyage!! 

Gouda Grilled Cheese

April is Grilled Cheese month, and I LUV me a toasty sandwich oozing with aged cheese, bacon, Rest assured that before this month is up, I’ll be relishing in more than one of these “ooey-gooey-goodnessey” delights. Especially this ‘The Devil Wears Gouda’ I discovered on the The Grilled Cheese Academy website … you just know it’s sinfully delicious!

Is there anyone who is NOT an ice cream addict? There just happens to be a lovely British lady who publishes a drool-fest blog titled Ice Cream Magazine. She creates the most heavenly frozen desserts I’ve ever seen. One of her recent posts describes how she drizzled and squiggled gobs of melted chocolate over a balloon in all sorts of manner and direction, then sprinkled sugary confetti and chocolate stars atop. Her creation evolved into a spectacular cage which she used to crown a decadent Easter egg ice cream cake. You’ve just gotta see this – and her entire gallery of “ice cream dream” art. (Just be sure to have a hankie at the ready for wiping the spittle from the corners of your mouth.) Cheerio!

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