A Day at the Shores – Sun, Sweat, Sand, Swamis & Surfers


It was a gorgeous day for a run along La Jolla Shores. Cerulean-hued waters of the Pacific stretched endlessly to meet the azure sky on the horizon. Gulls soared overhead traversing the water for mid-morning nosh while beach-goers staked their claim on the warm, white sand.

Whoa! Coming up with that introduction was an exhausting mind-stretch. I deeply appreciate those beloved writers who fill 500 pages with captivating prose and dialogue.

Now then, let’s get back to my article. It really was a spectacular day for a run. Here’s a little proof:

La Jolla Shores

So I pulled a mini-Forrest Gump and just kept running … and running … and running. You see, I had to because I kept stopping mid-stride to snap photos of spectacular coastal beauty …

La Jolla Shores… and the juxtaposition of two So-Cal surfers leaving the water at the same time two others are entering it. I assume these guys are probably genius UCSD students who will soon develop a cure for Ebola. They’re just taking a break from studying Quantum Physics to catch a few stellar waves.

Surfers at La Jolla Shores

This is where the surfers shown above probably live while preparing to save the world from deathly plague. (It’s assuredly a far cry from my lowly Durwood Hall dorm digs “awhile back” at Colorado State University.):

UCSD at Scripps Institute

And this where the UCSD surfers go to ponder Planck’s Law, and the paradoxical theories of the photoelectric effect and wave-particle duality. (I have absolutely NO idea what any of that means, but my God, it sounds impressive!):

Scripps Institute at La Jolla Shores

As you can imagine, my legs and brain were thoroughly exhausted after such a spectacular run and intellectual stretch, what with the physics and all. Luckily, The Shores Restaurant beckoned me in just as I finished my workout. And right there, smack dab in the middle of the menu was a Swami’s Spicy Bloody Mary just screaming for me to order it! Chili pepper vodka, Sriracha sauce and homemade Bloody Mary Mix? Duhhh!!!! (And slurp!)

The Shores Restaurant, La Jolla

Which led to lunch … (I don’t want to be one of those people who just “drink their lunch”. Most of the time, anyway.)

The Shores Restaurant, La Jolla

Which happened to be the most outrageously amazing salad I’ve ordered in, like, forever! Black kale, tart cherries, pine nuts, manchego cheese, balsamic vinaigrette, and a ridiculously phenomenal piece of crispy-skin salmon which melted in my mouth. It’s been three hours and I can still taste that salad. I don’t want to get hungry again because I need to luxuriate in those flavors as long as I possibly can. Yes, it was THAT good!!!!

The Shores Restaurant, La Jolla

(I included this pic just in case you didn’t believe me.)

Yep, this is a stellar way to spend the day, my friends! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off for a nap …

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