My Favorite Things – 2


Spring blossomsI love receiving notices about new posts from awesome blogs which I subscribe to. One such blog is titled ‘Authentic Luxury Travel’. Now, while my budget these days has eliminated most things ‘luxury’, I still love to live vicariously through others whose travel budgets are, well, bigger. Writer and trip planner Elizabeth Hansen has a lovely way of taking me to luxurious travel destinations while I’m seated at my computer. On her travel blog, she posted an article earlier this week titled, Paris on a Private Tour – S’il Vous Plait. If you’re not able to book a flight to Paris in the near future, you may want to tour the City of Light via Authentic Luxury Travel. Oui ce est beau! 

I love good food. Period. If I didn’t make myself exercise like an animal, I’d be tipping the scale in unfathomable numbers because, to be frank, I’m just NOT going to miss a good meal. So after my magician-hair stylist Lynzee over at Fox & Jane Salon colored me blonde yet again last week, my starving stomach and I made a beeline for one of my fave San Diego communities, Mission Hills. (I’ll be writing more about this fantastic neighborhood soon enough.) Now, I’m well aware — via numerous tastings — that Brooklyn Girl Eatery concocts a wickedly delicious Bloody Mary, so I popped in to see what their lunch menu offered. I momentarily waffled between the T.A.B.L.T. (see paragraph below about my love-affair with BLTA’s) and the Shrimp Tacos, but the latter won out this time. My Gawd, they were amazing! Lightly breaded and fried shrimp. a slaw of fennel, cabbage and radish, drizzled with a savory smoky-spicy Chipotle Crema was … WOW — you just gotta go and get some! Even the side salad, which can sadly be a tad boring at many eateries, was drizzled with a light lemony vinaigrette that was … freakin’ addictive!

BLTA with Sriracha Mayonnaise

How do you feel about BLT-A Sandwiches? PLEEEZ answer that you LUV ’em so much you could eat them every day. Cuz I could (especially if the toasty bun is coated with Sriracha Mayonnaise), and probably would if only that prized ingredient — bacon (pork belly???) — wasn’t so determined to thicken my mid-section. (Insert sad face here.) Happily, however, I discovered a recipe for mini BLT’s which would surely aid in preventing any mid-section thickening, right? Think I’ll do a trial run for lunch tomorrow (after a lengthy outdoor run to doubly assist in remedying any impending mid-section issues.) If you’re a BLT lover (and who isn’t?), I think you should really check out this recipe for Mini Black Pepper-Cheddar Gougere BLT Sandwiches from Steph at iamafoodblog. (Honestly, just looking at the pics this woman posts of her food creations are enough to cause an onset of heavy, uncontrollable drooling.)

Shepherd's Pie Recipe from iamafoodblog.comSpeaking of Steph at iamafoodblog — for St. Patty’s Day last Tuesday, I made that Garlic-Cream Cheese Mashed Potato Shepherd’s Pie drooler she posted a week or so ago. It was Ohhh Maahhhh Gawdddd yummy!

“Watermelon” is officially my favorite color of the season. Just this past week, I discovered that Nordstrom happens to be carrying a MICHAEL Michael Kors ‘Jet Set Chain’ Leather Shoulder Bag in that precise color — which I’m about to start losing sleep over. When I finally drug myself away from the Nordy’s handbag department and plopped down at the Bobbi Brown Makeup counter, my eyes landed on … you guessed it … watermelon. And because Bobbi’s lipstick shade is approximately $270.00 less than that leather tote I’m coveting, it promptly landed in my shopping bag. (I have a sneaking suspicion, however, that the watermelon-hued ‘Jet Set Chain’ handbag will follow in short order. I mean, really, what’s the point of wearing the lipstick if I have no matching bag to accompany it? Right?!)

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