La Jolla … San Diego’s “Jewel Of The Sea”

Scenic La Jolla Cove

As I walked into La Jolla’s Pannikin Coffee & Tea, a quaint and very popular breakfast spot that consistently serves up some of the finest java a girl could ask for, the first rays of morning sun were peeking through the marine layer of mist that blanketed the coastline near La Jolla and Del Mar during the evening. Pannikin conveniently has locations in Del Mar, Encinitas and La Jolla and all serve consistently delicious menu items and dozens of coffee/tea selections. (

“Wakin’ up San Diego Since 1968!”

One foamy latte later, the sun and bright blue skies had prevailed and I was on my way to soak up those warm rays with an inspirational run along the ocean’s edge at La Jolla Cove. A cozy inlet nestled in this village known as the Jewel of the Sea, the Cove is a haven for locals as well as visitors. Kayakers and swimmers travel the calmer waters found between here and La Jolla Shores, and kids of all ages revel in the tiny sea life that is caught up inside tidepools as the waves wash in and out of their crevices.

Boutiques line the streets of La Jolla village

A brisk walk out of the Cove and up the short hill to the village brought me to Prospect and Girard Avenues, La Jolla’s delightful version of “Main Street”. With stunning views of the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop, these meandering streets are lined with hundreds of local boutiques, hotels and award-winning restaurants.

Hotel Parisi, a delightful, eco-friendly hotel

Ideally located at 1111 Prospect Street in La Jolla, Hotel Parisi is an eco-friendly boutique-style property with 29 suites offering stunning views overlooking the village and Pacific coast. Hotel Parisi is truly a contemporary rendition of luxurious European style and class in a local setting. The spacious rooms are complete with large, stylish bathrooms, comfy beds wrapped in luxurious bedding and a roomy sitting area. This zen-inspired hotel is the perfect location to absorb the opportunities the village of La Jolla offers, then end the day with a quiet, peaceful night’s rest. The complimentary continental breakfast, served in a room adjacent to the hotel’s lobby, is one of the finest I’ve enjoyed in all my travels. Fresh egg dishes, seasonal fruit, artisan cheeses and a decadent pastry selection will satisfy the palate of any business or pleasure traveler. Rest assured, a few days at the Hotel Parisi is a traveler’s dream! (858) 454-1511. (

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